Do you have your own PA system?

Yes, we have a high quality PA system with LED lighting, all of which is PAT tested every year. We need an hour to set up the PA and do a short soundcheck (although will always aim to be quicker if timings are tight). This can be done quietly if the room will still be in use at the time. We can plug into one power socket as long as we’re not sharing this with other appliances.

How long do you play for?

Our maximum playing time is 2 x 60 minute sets with a break in the middle (30 minutes is perfect) but you don’t have to go for the full length if you think your guests will tire.

Do we need to include you in our catering numbers?

Yes please! We would appreciate being included in any food served while we are on site, as with travelling and setting up time it is often very difficult for us to have an evening meal otherwise.

How much space do you need?

If you want the full band (4 musicians plus caller) we need about 3mx5m of space.

How big a room do we need for dancing?

This is always a tough question! It depends how many guests you have, and how many are likely to dance. And even the keenest dancers may want to sit out a dance or two to grab a drink and some fresh air. We’ve played in tiny crowded rooms and spacious airy rooms, and it usually works out! But if you’re interested in the maths and want something (anything!) to go on, a good estimate is 1 metre square per dancer. A little less than that adds a lively atmosphere as everyone squeezes together, a little more gives room for seasoned dancers to strut their stuff. Our main advice is to avoid hiring a dance floor if possible – they are rarely large enough and injuries can happen when dancers inevitably spill off the edge. Carpet is preferable to a dance floor that’s too small!

Can you provide a DJ for after the ceilidh?

Yes! We offer a basic service – we can plug your device and playlist into our PA system. You’ll need to pay extra for this service, and organise it with us in advance. (However, there’s no extra charge for playing quiet background music through our PA during the shorter break in the middle of the ceilidh.)