Every Cunning Plan ceilidh features a quality 5 piece lineup of experienced ceilidh musicians (always including fiddle, guitar and a caller), all of whom have been playing music together for several years.

You can also request a smaller lineup of three musicians and a caller, and we can also provide fiddle and guitar duos as background music – great for family parties and at Burns Night or St Patrick’s Day celebrations in pubs or restaurants.

You can see most of us in the gallery below…

  • Alison Rowley Alison Rowley Caller, fiddle-player and band manager. Professional musician and New Roots finalist 2007 (with Run of the Mill/Mrs Trevor's Deep Freeze Secrets) and 2009 (with A Hair's Breadth).
  • Patrick Beldon Patrick Beldon Caller, guitarist and mad scientist. New Roots finalist 2009 (with A Hair's Breadth) and 2012 (with The Beldons).
  • Colm Sheppard Colm Sheppard Percussionist and head gardener.
  • Paul Martin Paul Martin Guitarist, mandolinist and caller. When not found on stage at a ceilidh Paul will usually be found dancing away...
  • Robin Fairey Robin Fairey Player of whistles, wind synth and eigenharp.
  • Steve Sterry Steve Sterry Guitarist and curer of animals.
  • Owen Woods Owen Woods Melifluous melodeon and acoustics expert. New Roots finalist 2011 (as solo artist and with There and Back Again).
  • Mae McAllister Mae McAllister Whistler, caller, drummer and criminal mastermind. New Roots finalist 2011 (with There and Back Again).
  • Chris Doris Chris Doris Flautist, saxophonist and solver of tricky sums.
  • Freya Morrissey Freya Morrissey Fiddle-player and educator of young people.
  • Catie Knox Catie Knox Flautist and resident climate expert.


Photo of Alison by Jennifer Lei.

Photos of Paul, Robin, Yarden and the large header above by Eloise Hayes.